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Arthur, Venture, Writer, Drawing, Philosophy
 I can't understand some people. I try to act with dignity and respect, but get taken for arrogant. Then when I attempt to make some form of apology, for my actions may have been misread, I am shrugged off inconsequentially. If the person was so concerned about my actions, why did they bother making public statements, vehemently claiming to be offended? To then turn around and pretend not to care? It brings me to my wits end.

Perhaps I am too sensitive to other people - concern is what I like to call it. I care about how my friends are feeling, and in turn, how they think of me. I know I probably shouldn't, but I can't help it; who are we, but the friends we keep? Some individuals are flaky, and hard to read. I tend to get along with these people the least. I wish they could express themselves to a degree that I might hope to understand their viewpoint. But if they do not, who am I to blame when they care less to tell me, so that I may change my method of interaction with them?

I engage strongly with the more emotional type of person, those who shut off their feelings, and have no concern to express themselves I find the hardest to associate with. Do not sit there in silence. Tell me what's on your mind. But please, do not be blunt, take your time. Express yourself in the way in which you want to be understood. It takes many years of practice, and for some it is subconscious.

I accept all people for who they are, and not a person I know has evidence to prove otherwise. I would wish, that I would be accepted for who I am, and treated with enough respect to be spoken to directly. I abhor drama and rumors. It sets into motion my anxiety and depression, and we all know that these emotions are undesirable and not wanted. So if you have something to say, say it. This applies to everyone you know. Using my reasoning, it shouldn't be too difficult explaining your intentions for wanting to find the truth.


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