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Feeling Sentimental with a Touch of Pessimism.
Writer, Arthur, Venture, Drawing, Philosophy

Tonight I walked up the five or so flights of stairs in the University building I have spent most of my time completing my degree in. Back in first year and I think partway through second, we had the lab at the top of the building. It felt grand. We were perched above the campus, looking down from our tall glass windows into the world of normal student life. Being an animation student is very peculiar, you feel disconnected from the rest of the students. It’s a creative industries course, yet it feels more professional than something like Fine Art or Music. A technical trade, closer to that of computer based courses such as Games Design, which is also a creative industry, and I suppose which is why the Animation Students and Games Design students get along so well. We’re not Art Students, and I don’t feel like my course is quite as serious as something like Science, Nursing or Law. It’s like we’re stuck in the center, between artists, and “professionals”. I use the term professional as loosely as possible, mainly in the fact that by professional is that all we learn in that regard is how to sell ourselves and pitch projects etc. All of this aside I think we had that kind of disregard for the University life style, and not being an incredibly popular course, we were overlooked frequently.

The degree itself went through many stages throughout my time here, it’s like we experienced it through it’s infancy. In doing so though, we have been cheapened by our educators; new students are being better taught, now that they know how to structure the degree properly. But in the Universities overlooking, and in holding little regard for their potential future graduates, they took the upstairs room from us. Shuffled downstairs onto the second floor, they have put the design students on the top floor instead. What could we possibly contribute toward University growth? The animation industry is waning at the moment, so that would explain the cuts, and sloppy management. It saddened me as I walked up there tonight, the memories of cramming assessment, the laughs, the times we’d spent in the guild bar and coming back drunk and working on assignments that were due in a week. Such a lofty studio felt appropriate for us. It actually felt like a studio, as opposed to this hot, cramped cave they have stuffed us all into. Red painted walls, the only good thing we’ve gained from the location change was a red couch. So much Red.

It makes me feel very sentimental of the earlier times in the degree, back when it was fun. I was learning something new, things I was interested in. Now I just work on 3D animation in a hot cramped room; I’m not even sure why I’m here any more. I only have a couple of weeks left of my core units. It’s almost over. One semester of electives to go, which should be easy, it just feels like we’ve been so carelessly thrown into this test pilot of a degree with little regard to the money we have spent learning skills that I feel are inadequate for the real world environment. No team work skills, no understanding of linking processes of animation together. Everything has just been haphazardly built. I’m not one hundred percent sure, but I think that the first year students still use the top floor for the drawing classes. Then in time, they’ll be stuffed down here too.

I miss the view. I think that’s it really, the stone stairwell, and the high vantage point, watching the sunrise after a hectic all nighter…

Oh well. Let’s see where my skills can take me. Hopefully not to the dole office.

Arthur Venture. (4:02am 16/10/2010)