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Boundless - Everyone Experiences Differently.
Arthur, Venture, Writer, Drawing, Philosophy
 There is nothing sadder to me than Suicide. And not pathetic sad, I mean sad, sad. I’ve been close. Quite a few times, but I found my solace in writing. That’s why I’m open with how I feel now, I never used to be. I used to hide my emotions, I never cut myself. That would be too obvious. The damage I would do to myself was psychological. I’ve only really stopped recently - once it became worse a few months ago. I would go out of my way to test my psychological barriers. I would do things I feel uncomfortable writing about. But I write about my feelings now, and it’s started helping to piece together some kind of person I want to be happy living with. It is hard to open up sometimes, but I like to think I’m an open book. I think I’m getting better, I’ve become less obsessive about being this dark evil person, and am accepting of my good side, letting it outshine my dark one, when I can… I still get depressed.

Everyone has a dark side. Some people are just very good at hiding it. I say we do because it’s human. Thousands of years of philosophy and studying of human behavior make it so. At some point, in everyone’s lives, they question themselves, everyone does it. Some more than others. I don’t have facts, or things written down in books to prove my theories. These are just things I’ve observed over the years. I form my own philosophies, and do not strictly study any ‘one’ train of thought. It’s up to me to describe life the way that I feel it. If it resonates within anyone else, then all the better, as it means my observations have at least ‘some’ basis in reality. I could never call myself a philosopher, for while I seek knowledge, what I seek is some arbitrary way of thinking, unlocking the kinds of things that are too difficult to explain. Philosophy is the pursuit of knowledge. To me it is too rigid. It just makes me think ‘books’ ‘facts’.

I like to think I’m more of an existentialist. That there is rationalism in existentialism is true, but I think it exceeds those bounds. It’s about pursuing the answers to the things that rationalising can’t explain, questioning the human condition, - “this can’t just be it.”


“philosophia - “love of knowledge, wisdom,” from philo- “loving” + sophia “knowledge, wisdom,” from sophis “wise, learned.”

These are the reasons I don’t strictly like philosophy, by it’s definition. I love knowledge, I just don’t think it has any part in my philosophy beyond what I experience and observe for myself. I think it’s great to study, but I don’t think you can really say you know something based on what a philosopher has said, simply because everyone’s experiences are different. I think that my philosophy works for me in my mental capacity, but that it isn’t true to everyone else’s, not “everyone” and certainly not in every situation, some things do require more methodical thinking. But applying that scientific type of thinking to how your mind operates can be fatal, humans aren’t machines to be ‘fixed’. If it’s true to yourself, who can deny it?

It’s your mind, and no one elses.

That is to say, I don’t think that my philosophy isn’t subject to change as I do. My method of thinking could shift in the years to come, but that doesn’t change the trueness of the thoughts that I have now…

Arthur Venture (Possibly my worst written blog)


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