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Time, like Forgiveness, heals all wounds.
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 Why do we fear Heartbreak? When we know that Time heals all wounds. Is it an instinct? do we fear it not because we feel like we can never love again, but because it's a feeling of broken trust? But why do we call it heartbreak, if it's really the trust that has been broken? We fear the rejection, the rejection of who we are, that the person we have entrusted our heart and all that we are, has thrown away. Cast into the gutter of memory, which destroys even the fondest of recollections. To me, this is no excuse to feel downtrodden, when life gets hard, we get back up again. We fight these emotions, it's only natural to. To give into despair is weakness. It instigates horrible thoughts that we must banish from ourselves.

I am told that it drains more energy to be depressed than it does to be happy. It seems a somewhat insensitive commentary on the human condition. Depression happens for various reasons, most prominently Loss - whether that is loss of a loved one, loss of your job, loss of respect, loss of admiration and even loss of possessions. The human mind (as a concept) goes through it's ups and downs, some say it's necessary to feel sadness in order to feel happiness. It feels like an excuse, but sometimes I wish I could disagree with the statement, if I didn't see the grain of truth inside of it. It's the same when it comes to heartbreak, we feel broken inside, yet that sets us up to feel incredible once we come upon the moments of either needing no one, or being rescued from ourselves.

Heartbreak need not be feared, it's an endless cycle that needs to be accepted for what it is. It builds character - by character I mean it makes one stronger willed. You learn from your mistakes, however long that may take, and for suffering the loss of a loved one, whether permanently or not, your heart grows for it and learns to let the right ones in. Do not obsess over the past, it is folly. It is wise to look upon the past with fondness, and move on. Fondness, for to brood over events which brought you down, can come back to haunt you, and never leave. Acceptance of who you are, how you were wronged, and learning to forgive, is the healthiest way of dealing with heartbreak. Love and be loved, but expect nothing from anyone. You will be surprised when you gain anything, if you never expected it.


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